Snuggie - The Comfy Blanket With Sleeves

Yes, I Love Snuggies!

You've seen the cute Snuggie commercials. Sure, some people dismiss the Snuggie as just being a blanket with sleeves.

But they don't get it. It's genius. How many times have you been snuggled warm and toasty under your blanket, but need to reach out to get something - food, a drink, the TV remote (that's me), or need to turn the page on your book?

Suddenly, everything isn't so warm and cozy anymore, and everything seems off-balance. Know what I mean?

A blanket with sleeves is the perfect solution!

That must be why about 4 million Snuggies have been sold. They are cozy and wonderful.

Snuggies are exploding in popularity. First just available in Blue. Now Snuggies come in more colors. Even themes such as NFL football snuggies - think they use them in the locker room? Now there are dog snuggies.

There's no sense waiting. There is an incredible 2 for 1 deal available right now, which I believe will not last forever.

So join me, in loving the Snuggie!

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